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The service offer “Help in writing” is addressed to a wide group of recipients – both to private persons, to various types of institutions and enterprises. We offer a wide range of services – from assistance in writing diploma theses and scientific articles, through the preparation of professional presentations, research and speeches after correction, translation, positioning and website creation and rewriting of texts along with transcripts. We have many years of experience on each of these levels, we also cooperate with carefully selected specialists in the fields. As a result, we can provide you with services at the highest level, while ensuring that we always meet the deadlines set. We offer all this at extremely affordable and competitive prices. It is also worth adding that we ensure complete confidentiality of our clients’ data and materials provided to us. Your data and materials provided to us are not transferred or used for any purposes other than those required by the valuation and subsequent execution of the order. We invite you to cooperation. For more details, please select an interesting service.

Who we are?

We are a portal within which we offer you a very wide range of services. We address our offer to a wide range of recipients – both to private persons, as well as companies and institutions. It is also worth adding that we cooperate with a specialized group of people who are characterized, in their fields, with both theoretical and practical preparation. We work only with the best. Thanks to this, we can entrust entrusted orders quickly and professionally.

We have many years of experience in the field of services provided by us. For years, we have been helping in writing diploma theses, scientific articles and carrying out various research (quantitative and qualitative research, market research and e-research). We create modern and professional multimedia presentations in the popular Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi programs on the market. We prepare professional speeches for various circumstances, as well as translations of texts from various areas of life (ordinary and specialist texts). Our speeches can be written in different languages of the world. We also offer proofreading services (language corrections) and editorial texts on any subject. It should be added that the assistance provided in this regard is very highly evaluated.

Our offer is not limited to the above. We also provide services in the field of professional positioning of websites (SEO positioning), positioning of films and entire YouTube channels. Thanks to us, you can achieve top positions in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We only position pages in a safe manner, our actions will not impose penalties or limitations on you. Our specialists also create professional websites based on the extremely popular WordPress CMS. We create websites of various types, such as business cards, blogs, shops, corporate websites or thematic portals. The prices we offer are really competitive on the market. We improve and take care of existing websites and provide expert services in the field of internet consulting, for example business development on the web.

We also undertake and execute orders in the field of entering data into databases (for example, Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets). Our offer also includes rewriting of texts, sound or visual recordings. We rewrite the texts in a professional, reliable and equally important – timely manner. This applies to every order, as we strive to ensure that each commission accepted by us is implemented at the highest substantive level, but also on time and professionally. Our offer is gradually expanded with new aspects, for this reason we invite you to visit our website frequently in search of interesting new products, and at the same time we encourage you to follow us on social networks (eg Google+). We cordially invite you to cooperation.

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Writing doctoral theses is not easy. In order to write a doctoral thesis a number of different types of requirements should be fulfilled, which are set by both the university (or, more broadly, university), as well as the academic supervisor (relevant dissertation topic, accurate dissertation plan and methodology, design and conduct of research, verification of hypotheses and so on). You also need to collect a wide range of literature (including foreign literature, the percentage of which must be significant).

Professional position

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We offer you professional and cheap help in the field of writing empirical papers in many scientific fields. Our offer of help in developing relevant content implies specialized substantive supervision and professional assistance in the activities performed, including the preparation of research tools, making accurate hypotheses, as well as the method of developing high-quality content

We help in writing theoretical work professionally, quickly and cheaply. We help with the formulation of the topic based on the literature of the subject, as well as in its professional review. Our help in the nature of professional and specialist support for a client struggling with scientific difficulties

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